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Till I Loved You   live 10

21 сентября 2010
Музыка: Maury Yeston
Слова: Maury Yeston
Поет Гелена и Vladimir Boldt

» píseň Francisca Goyi a vévodkyně z Alby z muzikálu Goya

Ona: Nothing lived nothing grew
Till I loved you
On:   Every Sky Every grey
Never blue

Ona: You were my friend
Good friend
And often I would wonder
Could the one to save
Me possibly be you

On:   I was lost I was blind
Till I loved you
Wouldn´t see couldn´t find
Someone new

Ona: You were my friend
Dear friend
Though I held you close to my heart
I never thought you´d cause
my soul break in two

Oba: Until that certain moment
When I loved you

On:   No joy ever entered my room
When my room was without you

Ona: My love never came into bloom
Till each thought was about you

On:   Not a bird. In the spring
Ona: In the spring
Oba: Till I loved you!

On:   Not a dream or a prayer
Ona: Or a prayer
Oba: Could come true
Oba: Until a courtain lifted, parted, drifted
From you
Until that certain moment
When I loved you

On:   Until that certain
Ona: Until that moment
On:   Certain moment
Oba: Certain moment
When I loved you
When I loved you


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