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Nameless and Free

Апрель 1980
Poslední bezejmenná
Музыка: Ladislav Štaidl
Слова: Joy Kadečková

You gave me a name
Which lit up a flame
Deep inside of me
But now I see that I loved
So foolishly
Realize things aren't the same
Without my name

You gave me a name
But now it's quite plain
The name's no more for me
Heartbroken me full of hope
Iit still may be
Though I know I am now free
Nameless and free

I ask every day
Who's really to blame
I know you would say
"What's in a name?"

Life's suddenly strange
My whole world has changed
Now you're gone from me
And so it seems from now on nameless and free
I shall be
You've sealed my fate
My destiny



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